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Aetheric Dynamo

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The “Aetheric Dynamo”: A summary explanation of its design and functions.

The primary purpose of this machine is the attraction and capture of a lower Aetheric Shell, otherwise known colloquially as a ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit'. The secondary function is the transformation of the Shell into a remote aetheric antenna, and the transduction of aetheromagnetic energy into electromagnetic current.

Part I: The nature of an Aetheric Shell.

As it is well known in esoteric circles, an Aetheric Shell is the cast off remnants of an organic being’s Aetheric body after its material body has perished. It is what can be called the being’s “personality,” its “mask” by which the being interacted with its daily environment. At death, when an entitity’s upper three bodies (the astral, mental, and causal) have moved on to be reincarnated, the material and aetheric bodies are left to decompose. An aetheric body decomposes much slower than the material, and retains much of the imprinted energetic information that the being acquired during its lifetime: likes, dislikes, habits, etc. Although it does possess some rudimentary degree of consciousness, it is not “alive” in the sense that it can reproduce, think, feel, or make any sort of real decision. Any decisions the shell makes is completely determined by the choices it had made in its previous life, replayed over and over, like a broken phonograph. If its former life was a timid one, it will likely gravitate towards a lonely out of the way house or stretch of road, until it finally evaporates. On the other hand if its life was robust or violent, a destructive poltergeist could be formed. The rate of dissolution is proportional to the emotional state at death, the attachment to the material plane, and the degree of will that the being had in life. The greater of these factors the longer the rate of decomposition. Sooner or later both the material and aetheric body will naturally be reincorporated into the energetic continuum. It must be reiterated that although a shell may appear to be a specific person, it is no more that person (or that person’s soul) than a photograph would be.
It is my proposal that these shells offer an opportunity to tap a hitherto unused and nearly inexhaustible energy source: The Aetheric Plane itself. By the use of this machine an Aetheric Shell can be transformed into a kind of aetheric antennae or siphon, drawing out small amounts of aetheromagnetic energy and transducing it into large amounts of electromagnetic energy, which can be utilized for any number of uses. In addition, this device outputs far more energy than it needs to perform its functions for only a fraction of the cost it takes to build a conventional dynamo.

Part II: The Trap

The first step in the function of the Aetheric Dynamo is the attraction and capture of a wandering Aetheric Shell. In his we are assisted by the spirit’s rudimentary intelligence and some arcane knowledge relating to the spirit’s psychometric inclinations. An spirit is inexorably attracted to certain symbols, arrangements, and processes. For example, any sort of high voltage emission will draw specters in a high state of decomposition; areas that have been subjected to a high influx of charged emotions will often draw the newly dead; palindromes will draw those spirits that enjoyed a high degree of mental activity in life. For our purposes however, we shall draw upon a shell’s propensity to be attracted to specific arcane symbols. Some examples of these are the oriental swastika, certain arrangements of angelic seals, esoteric geometries, and goetic phrases. One of the most powerful is the Khemic (Egyptian) “Kazoch” which is a type of swastika with 5 radiating arms. A Kazoch is differentiated from a “Duodem” in that the former appears to turn widdershins (counter clockwise) where the latter spins clockwise (see fig. 1.). It is this visual motion coupled with its inherent geometry that contributes to the Kazoch’s attracting effect.
In the case of the Dynamo, a Kazoch is placed at the base of an open glass trumpet that had been forged using a special recipe of minerals rendering the glass particularly effective in its ability to prevent a spirit from passing through material objects. As the spirit moves through the trumpet, drawn inexorably towards the Kazoch, its own aetheromagnetic nature becomes its downfall. When any aetheromagnetic object in passed through a coil of tightly packed wire, an electric current is produced. In this case the spirit’s entry causes a current to pass through the wire encircling the trumpet, thereby activating a formerly inert “Pentacle of Mors” placed at the entrance to the trumpet. This occult arrangement is prepared by inscribing 5 specific sigils onto discs of brass. These runes form a very powerful containment field whose points need not be connected by any drawn intersecting lines. Instead one need only to pass a current through them buffered by a section of leather soaked in a tincture of the bisuberus shrub (also known as tarberry), and most importantly has their geometry correct. This pentacle is particularly useful when attempting to contain entities of large proportions, as points can be set quite far apart (the greatest distance ever successfully tested was approximately 3K, yet I believe that the unsuccessful attempts to contain larger entities, such as with London’s great 1666 fire, met with disaster because the sorcerer did not take into account the earth’s natural curvature and thus his geometries were off).
The Mors Pentacle becomes more powerful and unpleasant to the spirit the longer the spirit remains in the coil. The spirit is thus forced to pass through a small hole drilled into the center of the Kazoch. At this point the specially wound coils of copper on the reverse side of the Kazoch are activated and form a field that stuns the spirit and activates a Duodem placed on the reverse. The power feeding the Duodem is quite powerful and the spirit is quite literally catapulted into the machines interior. It is here where the spirit is passed through a complex arrangement of Hyperborean sigils, electrical transformers, meteoric stones, and other geometric and mechanical preparations. Through this process the spirit is effectively stripped of any lingering memories or personality traits, as well as changing it from an AC waveform to a DC waveform. It is then conveyed into a glass containment vessel sitting atop a hyperborean pentacle and alchemically treated crystals. The crystals in conjunction with the sigils “reconstitute” the shell back into its original AC waveform, although now it is a “Raw Aetheric Body.” This RAB is not like its former state in that it retains nothing of its former life and is more akin to the ectoplasmic vessel a baby posses just before birth, albeit more tightly structured. This pure ectoplasmic crystalline structure is ideal to receive the aetheric currents and acts as a direct link to the Vital Plane from which the machine draws energy. The energy is then drawn down into the transducer that transforms the aetheromagnetic energy into electromagnetic energy, which may be tapped using the positive and negative terminals located at the rear of the device.

The REB is far more stable than a disembodied aetheric shell, yet it too will decompose over time. Since the REB is not actually producing the energy being used it does not deplete in the same way a battery would. However all things must eventually decay and this case is no different. A single REB will be of use for approximately 5 years of regular use at an average of 100 EEUs (Epstein Energetic Units) that translates to 18.4 Volts. Up to 3 REBs may be utilized concurrently which would triple the output, although the life of all three would last for only 3.5 years due to a hitherto unknown factor. In addition more than three REBs will cause an unstable containment field and risk of implosion. It is interesting to note that only two REBs will render no EEUs until a third is found.

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